These are the most frequently asked questions, if you have any others please Contact us

Are your guided adventures the best way to explore Bangkok?

“We believe so, as a tailor-made adventure you decide how you would like to explore Bangkok and what you would like to do. With your private guide, who has an intimate knowledge of Bangkok and Thai culture, you will have an unforgettable Bangkok experience.”

How many people can I book for?

“Your safety and enjoyment are our main priority so we limit the group size to a maximum of 8 guests. If you want to book for a larger group then please contact us first to discuss your requirements.”

Are your Bangkok adventures suitable for everyone?

“As long as everyone in your booking is physically able then yes. We show any other important information that you may need to be aware of in the …more tabs, this should help you decide whether anything is not suitable.”

Can children go on the adventure?

“Yes they can, but as parents, you must take full responsibility for them. When deciding how you would like to explore Bangkok and what you would like to do please bear in mind the important information that you may need to be aware of in the …more tabs.”

How can I change the order of what I want to see and do?

“Don’t worry, just let us know what you want to see and do. With our local knowledge we will then plan your adventure to ensure that you get the best Bangkok experience.”

How long will it take to receive a booking confirmation?

“If we accept your booking we will send you a booking confirmation within 24 hours. You will then be required to make the full payment of the adventure price. After that we will plan your adventure and send your tailor-made itinerary within a further 24 hours.”

Where will the adventure start?

“River boat and longtail boat adventures start at Saphan Taksin BTS, all other adventures start at our Clubhouse. We will send you a detailed map on how to find us with your Booking Confirmation.”

What should I wear during the adventure?

“You can wear whatever you would normally wear whilst you are sightseeing in Bangkok. Just remember, if you have selected any location that has a dress code then you will need to meet these requirements, you can find details in the …more tabs. We also provide Sarongs to cover your arms and knees if you wish to enter any temples”

What do I need to bring on the adventure?

“Bring whatever you would whilst sightseeing in Bangkok. You will need enough Thai Baht cash to cover any other expenses that are not covered in the adventure price.”

What happens if it rains?

“No problem, in Bangkok it typically rains during the evening or night and it is very localised. If we do get caught out during the adventure we provide free rain ponchos and we will take shelter until the sun shines again. If it looks likely to rain on the day then you should bring an umbrella.”